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Good Things Come In Small AND Big Packages

Environmental sustainability is important and we know how much you care about the environment. That’s why our team is committed to reducing our consumption of single use plastics in our warehouse and dispatch processes. Our new poly flat pack bags and postal shipping bags (in small and large) are now supplied by The Better Packing Co. and completely compostable. comPOLY bags I’m made from corn starch with a man-made binding agent added for flexibility. I am slightly milky in colour but am definitely see-through and bar codes can be read through me. But the best bit … I can be composted at home*! Yip, when you’ve finished using me, just put me in with your food scraps and garden waste,...

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Textile waste: How bad is the situation and how can we solve it?

About 85% of textiles go to waste each year. To put this into perspective, that's enough to fill the Sydney Harbour every year! Talk about dire. Textile waste has only been increasing in recent years, thanks in large part to the emergence of fast fashion, over-supply and changes in consumption habits. The average shopper now has 52 seasons in a year, rather than the standard Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter - and this idea is reflected in huge growths in textile waste. Between 2005-2010, textile waste increased by about 2 million tonnes per year in the United Kingdom. In comparison, in the United States every year about 26 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills according to the US Environmental Protection Agency....

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