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A brief history of the humble hoodie

Everything you didn't know about your favourite fashion staple. Kanye said it best when he said: "sweatshirts are fucking important." You own a hoodie. Bold statement? Absolutely. Do we know we’re right? Damn straight. For anyone really confused right now, hoodies are typically made from a cotton-jersey and the essential element is the hood — some have drawstrings, marsupial pouches, materials like cotton and polyester, zippers or none of the above. Hoodies are an effortless way to look cool and casual while staying comfortable — especially on those WTF am I going to wear? mornings. They are an everyday, wash-and-wear staple, worn by everyone from freelancers to CEOs. Keep reading to see how your favourite mainstay made it into mainstream fashion. Hoodie history 101 According...

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