About Us

 The designer behind Houston Living, Dianne Vale, has almost 30 years experience in the Sydney fashion industry. Since graduating from Sydney TAFE back in the 1980s, Dianne spent the following years working for a variety of fashion houses in the Sydney area before starting her own fashion house D&M Fashions in 2001.

Dianne has since built up a successful family business that now includes her daughter Cassandra who works closely in the design process and sustainable progress of each brand.

With years of experience, Dianne has never felt more inspired to be creating fresh styles in the Australian fashion industry using ethical and sustainable practices. As a successful woman in Australian business, creating a brand that inspires women from all areas and demographics across Australia has always been important to Dianne.


Houston Living

Lounge wear for the modern Australian woman.  Houston Living is created for environmentally conscious dresser.

Sustainable fashion is a must in our current environmental climate and we know how important it is to our customers to be ethically and sustainably aware of what is in their clothes and who makes them. This is why at Houston Living we design with the Australian woman in mind. Our aim in to work towards a fashion industry that lowers its impact on the environment while staying fresh and stylish.

Originally Australian, and locally manufactured in Sydney, Houston Living is a brand you can trust to bring you comfortable and sustainable products that you can be proud of.

Our Mission

Houston Living creates styles for the environmentally conscious woman. Our mission is to make sustainable fashion collections that look stylish and effortless to help celebrate the modern woman’s natural beauty. 

Design and manufacturing in Australia, we will continue to prioritise using local sourcing of materials and haberdashery wherever possible.