Houston Living is proud to partner with Thread Together to help them achieve their mission:  TO DELIVER NEW, GOOD QUALITY CLOTHING AND SHOES TO PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY WHO ARE DOING IT TOUGH.

Clothes provide a tangible difference to people in our community who are going through a difficult time: Being able to choose a wardrobe of clothes that suit your personal style, taste and circumstances brings dignity, motivation and self-confidence to vulnerable Australians.

Thread Together is the only organisation in Australia whose main mission and focus is to source new and excess clothing from fashion retailers and redistribute items to those in our communities that need it most. Thread Together support people who are homeless, youth at risk, Indigenous communities, survivors of domestic violence, refugees and the long term unemployed. Thread Together support people in need of clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm, or people seeking clothing for a new job, they also work around the country supporting disaster relief, drought, fire and flood.

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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and sending our excess to landfill, so all our paper and fabric off-cuts are recycled and used to fill Morgan Sports boxing bags in Oak Flats, NSW.
Morgan Sports is a direct B2B wholesaler that provides quality fitness gear to gyms and other fitness facilities. Heavy punch bags are a must-have for any gym, regardless if it offers combat sports like mixed martial arts and boxing or not.